Acne Laser Peel Treatment

Arion- acne laser peel treatment

Acne Laser Peel Treatment

Acne is a common skin issue for adults and teenagers. It appears on your skin in different forms such as whiteheads, blackheads, pimples or others, and hormones are one of the biggest reasons to why you get acne on your skin. Other factors for the skin problem could be the food you eat and. If you have had acne on your skin for a long time, the acne may change to acne scars, which can be incredibly disappointing and frustrating. It may seem difficult to remove acne and scaring, however, there is good news! Our acne laser peel treatment can help to diminish acne and acne scarring. This treatment can be incredibly effective in not only treating your scarring but also diminishing your anxiety and self-consciousness.

What is the acne laser peel treatment?

The treatment doesn’t need downtime and it works for almost every skin type effectively and safely. Your skin becomes fresher and brighter with this treatment. The treatment also helps decrease the scar’s appearance, making you look younger!

How does it work?

Two types of laser modes solve your acne and scars problems. One of them is a long pulse mode, which works its way deep into the skin. This laser encourages skin cell reproduction and decreases redness and inflammation. The second type of laser mode is q-switch (short high-energy superficial pulse) mode, which peels the old skin layer. Because of this, the pore is unplugged and new beautiful skin can then be revealed and encouraged to renew. Both of these modes work together to diminish your scarring and completely change your skin.

Say goodbye to your acne and scarring problems, and hello to beautiful skin. Call us at 604-779-0148 to book an appointment with our experts and get started on your journey to amazing, glowing and healthy skin!

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