Get rid of cellulite and be ready for the bikini season with the AWT at Arion Skin Laser Clinic

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Get rid of cellulite and be ready for the bikini season with the AWT at Arion Skin Laser Clinic

Every year when summer approaches we hear more and more murmurs about the scourge of bikini season – cellulite treatment. And this is a frustrating and discouraging problem for millions of post-pubescent women. We have all tried various creams, potions, exercise regimens, and fad diets which simply don’t work. This skin imperfection is quite difficult to treat, there are many influential factors such as genetics which affect skin elasticity and circulation, a busy life, not optimal food diet, lack of physical activity, smoking, imbalanced hormone levels, and weight. All of these factors cause fat deposits deep below the skin to be strangulated by fibrous connective tissue, called “septum” thereby making circulation difficult and trapping fluids. Eventually, this connective tissue scleroses ( hardens) leading to the dreaded dimpling and that orange peel appearance.

The technology that ensures the best results is the Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT). This is a new approach to cellulite treatment and reportedly used by Madonna.  How does it work? The stimulation of metabolism induced by the AWT™ and the reactivation of the bloodstream, trigger a repair mechanism in the face of the destruction of the fibrous bands. The introduction of the high frequency vibrant acoustic waves in the body, allows the relaxation of the connective tissue, increasing the tonicity of the epidermis. It also increases the production of collagen and elastin improving and strengthening the epidermis and dermis.  The action of the acoustic wave also improves the exchange of lymphatic that allows a smoothing surface.

This effective non-invasive procedure is not for weight loss but is game-changing for cellulite reduction and skin tightening. If you would like to experience the newest generation of cellulite treatment for cellulite removal, call Arion Skin Laser clinic and schedule your first free consultation. The effect is going to be absolutely beautiful; smoothing the skin’s dimpled appearance and leaving it healthier than it has been in years.

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