Benefits of Laser Skin Care in Vancouver

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Benefits of Laser Skin Care in Vancouver

There are a lot of different reasons why your once clear complexion or perfect body has changed. Perhaps you’ve had too much sun or maybe you’ve had adult acne. Maybe you’ve just had a baby! It can even be that one inevitable reason: aging. Whatever reasons you may have, you should consider laser skin care in Vancouver to help regain your smooth skin and to improve your body.

So why should you choose laser skin care in Vancouver?

Unlike surgical procedures, with laser skin care procedures you won’t have a long recovery period. Also, with laser skin care procedures, you won’t see as much bruising as surgical procedures such as traditional liposuction or a surgical facelift, for example.

Another benefit of laser skin care in Vancouver is that lasers are far more precise, which means that they can be focused directly to the problem areas. This way, they won’t be disturbing any of the layers above or below.

But perhaps one of the best benefits of choosing laser skin care in Vancouver, however, is that for some of them, they can actually stimulate collagen. Collagen isn’t just some additional ingredient in your skincare products.

An article in News Medical defined collagen as “a protein made up of amino-acids” and “makes up approximately 30% of the proteins within the body.”

The presence of collagen is crucial to keep your skin looking young, because it helps with the strength of our skin and its elasticity. Unfortunately, our body produces less and less collagen as we grow older. This is what leads to wrinkles on our skin.

Stimulating collagen means that you’ll have less of a risk in developing stretch marks and cellulites, for example. You will also gain tighter skin and it will help you with smoothing out wrinkles.

Book a consultation today if you’re interested in our laser skin care! Whether it’s tighten your skin or getting rid of acne, we have a variety of laser treatments available.

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