Best laser hair removal system of the year at Arion Skin Laser Clinic, Vancouver

Award- best- laser hair removal- Vancouver

Best laser hair removal system of the year at Arion Skin Laser Clinic, Vancouver

Soprano ICE laser, the Winner of the Aesthetic Industry Award

An innovative and highly effective Soprano ICE laser hair removal system, by global laser innovator Alma Lasers, has been chosen by the Aesthetic Industry Award as the best hair removal system in 2015. We are happy to utilize Alma Laser technologies at Arion Skin Laser Clinic, which helps us to serve your aesthetical needs and wants. Alma Lasers is an absolute leader in the light-based, radiofrequency and ultrasound solutions for the aesthetic and surgical markets. This company gives us the opportunity to offer safe and effective procedures for our clients.

Soprano ICE works for all skin and hair types quickly and painlessly all year round by incorporating multiple laser wavelengths and technologies. This laser hair removal system is a new era in laser technology and treatment methods. The key feature of the system is Alma’s ICE ™ proprietary advanced contact cooling technology. How does it work? Soprano ICE cools the skin with an encircled sapphire tip, preventing surface burns while maintaining heat within the dermis. This high fluency delivery system provides an even more comfortable and faster treatment with improved results for light-colored and thin hair. The Soprano lasers use an 810 nm. wavelength which has been considered the gold standard of hair removal effectiveness. So, as a result, the Soprano ICE system was chosen for the best hair removal award on the basis of a series of criteria including:

  • proven safety record
  • Wide range of skin and hair types
  • fast treatment
  • painless
  • permanent

Soprano ICE: Best laser hair removal system

It is also suitable for male hair removal, as the continuous scanning system enables large areas such as the back, chest or shoulders to be treated quickly, efficiently and comfortably.

The Aesthetics Awards celebrate the very best in medical aesthetics and leaders in the profession to recognize the innovative achievements of the past year. Winners were chosen for their products and technologies in medical aesthetics.

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