Body Sculpting Vancouver: All About SculpSure

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Body Sculpting Vancouver: All About SculpSure

Everyone has that one area of their body that is incredibly stubborn fat that simply will not melt away, no matter how much exercise is incorporated into the daily routine, and how much dietary changes are made. The body tends to have designated fat stores that are quite difficult to eliminate. Thankfully with SculpSure’s advanced fat elimination technology, that can be a distant memory. This body sculpting Vancouver treatment slims your body without risky surgery or downtime associated with most other procedures.

What is SculpSure body sculpting?

SculpSure is a machine that breaks down your fat cells using heat. The machine has multiple applicators that are applied directly to the area of fat you would like to target and melt. Over the course of the next few weeks after your session, your body begins to naturally eliminate the fat, and most patients see results in as little as 6-12 weeks, with a very high patient satisfaction rate.

How does body sculpting Vancouver work?

This advanced, new technology affects the fat cells under your skin. SculpSure has a laser which heats up the fat stores on your problem area to 42 to 47 degrees Celsius, in order to damage their structure the cells and make it easier for the body to permanently dispose of them over the next 3 months. In addition, the heat has a feathered effect as it spreads over the affected area for more natural looking results.

What’s the Benefit?

SculpSure is a 25 minute  treatment without recovery time, meaning you can have your treatment during your lunch break, and go right back to your office! Moreover, the body eliminates the fat cells in 12 weeks and according to clinical data, patients see a 24% loss in fat cells on average.

SculpSure is a great treatment to have done during the winter, in order to have the beautiful sculpted body you’ve been wanting just in time for beach season! If you have any more questions regarding this procedure and would like to ask our professional team, don’t hesitate to contact us! You can schedule a free consultation to discuss treatment options for body sculpting Vancouver and learn more about SculpSure.

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