Clinical Laser Hair Removal Versus Home Hair Removal Remedies

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Clinical Laser Hair Removal Versus Home Hair Removal Remedies

Yearning for a hair-free life? Tired of your at-home hair removal remedies? Thinking of going for a clinical laser hair removal? When considering all these options of hair removal, it is tempting to go for home treatments. They are relatively more financially affordable and convenient. However, when it comes to your skin and body, is it really worth it?

Therefore, we are here to discuss and compare the pros and cons of undergoing clinical laser hair removal Vancouver by professionals and home hair removal treatments by yourself.

At-home Hair Removal Treatments

Waxing, shaving, tweezing and shaving cream could be painful and irritate your sensitive skin. Even after undergoing pain, they will not guarantee an effective result. Understandably, they tend to be more affordable but your body is not an experiment and your skin deserves a comfortable and safe treatment.

Clinical Laser Hair Removal at Arion

On the other hand, clinical laser hair removal tends to have an effective result. Lasers work by sending a beam of light at a specified wavelength to target melanin, the dark pigment found in skin and hair. Melanin is found in high concentration around the hair follicle, at the base of the hair. The light produces heat, which disables the follicle and causes the hair to fall out (between 1 – 2 weeks after treatment). Successful treatment can sufficiently disable the regrowth of hair. Laser hair removal works best for those with light skin and dark hair.

While at-home hair removal requires to be done on a regular basis and does not guarantee regrowth, clinical hair removal is able to remove hair in a large body area with a few visits. Therefore, in the long run, it is definitely a rewarding investment.


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