Farewell to Shaving: Laser Hair Removal in Vancouver

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Farewell to Shaving: Laser Hair Removal in Vancouver

You have a lot of options for hair removal in Vancouver but really, laser hair removal is your best option.

We know the narrative, of course. Women are often shamed if they reveal—whether purposefully or by accident—that they haven’t been diligent in their hair removal routine.

The thing is sometimes women just don’t have time for a shave or a wax. We have other things to do and other people to take care of. It’s easy enough to put off our hair removal routine because we’re short on time or because we can do that tomorrow.

However, when we find that the weather is perfect for a sleeveless shirt and shorts, we might end up being uncomfortable or self-conscious when we realize just how much we’ve been neglecting our routine.

Still, some would argue that with so many hair removal methods, we should try and find the time for one at the very least.

Well, there are certainly a lot of options out there, that’s for sure: Shaving, waxing, epilating, plucking, threading, and the use of hair removal creams or depilatory creams. Just go down to one of the drugstores in Downtown Vancouver and you’ll see a whole section of hair removal products.

But I don’t think we ever think about the many ways that we try to get rid of body hair. And the methods listed here are just the ones that you can do at home.

Others happen to be: electrolysis and laser hair removal.

For people who don’t know, electrolysis is a way to remove hair by using a small needle to deliver an electric current to the hair follicle. This may not seem that daunting for those without a phobia for needles, but people who still have nightmares about injections may want to look elsewhere.

Which is where laser hair removal comes in. While a session might take you longer than a shave or a wax would, at least with this method, the hair follicle is destroyed at the base. That means that no hair will grow from that follicle. When a hair does grow, it will grow from a different follicle.

A lot of people prefer this method, they even swear by it. If you’ve ever wondered why actors or models always look so smooth, well, that’s because this is usually their method of choice.

That being said, laser hair removal isn’t for everyone. People with very light hair won’t be able to use it, for example. However, anyone who is interested in laser hair removal will have to book a consultation and they’ll be given a patch test during the consultation so they could see if it’s suitable for them.

So, for people who are tired of the same old routines or people who just want a more permanent hair removal solution, they should look into Arion Skin Laser’s laser hair removal in Vancouver. For more information, send us an email at: info@arionskinlaser.ca. Or you can just book a free consultation with our hair removal expert at our Downtown Vancouver or West Vancouver clinic.

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