Tired of Shaving? Laser Clinic in Vancouver

Laser Clinic in Vancouver - Woman getting armpits lasered

Tired of Shaving? Laser Clinic in Vancouver

Laser hair removal has become one of the most highly requested cosmetic services in Vancouver due to its popularity over the years. At Arion, our laser clinic in Vancouver provides comfort and efficiency with all of our services. We are able to provide hair removal services for any body area, including intimate areas, difficult areas (such as centre brows), or sensitive areas (such as armpits).

24 hours before your scheduled treatment, a mandatory consultation is in order for us to procure information about your medical history, desired treated area, and testing your reaction to a patch test. Shaving the desired area 24 hours before the treatment is preferred, as hair follicles need to be visibly targeted. During the treatment, safety glasses against the laser will be provided, and a cold gel will be applied to the treated area. The laser’s hand piece is then placed in contact with the skin and is passed over the desired area multiple times. Similar to laser tattoo removal, number of sessions before hair is significantly reduced varies on hair thickness, surface area, and treated area, but often times, one session is enough to see an improvement.


Our Tools

Our main tool used for hair removal services is a product by Alma Lasers called the Soprano ICE. It provides a cooling sensation as hair follicles are treated, resulting in a virtually painless experience able to work on all skin types and skin tones. Hand pieces are interchangeable, specializing in speed, darker skin types, or versatility.


Contacting our Laser Clinic in Vancouver

We offer free consultation sessions for those wondering about the latest trends and cutting-edge technology in the field of laser and skin treatment. We are here to suggest the best treatment based on your needs, and provide the utmost care when answering any questions or concerns. Please visit our contact page to view options based on either of our two locations.

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