Laser hair removal: all you need to know

laser hair removal treatment

Laser hair removal: all you need to know

It could be too much hair or simply inconvenient hair, or it could be that you don’t want to have to wax all the time – laser hair removal could be the best solution. But beauty treatments, especially ones which use machines, can bring a lot of doubts for those interested. Keep reading to get those answers before deciding to have a laser hair removal.

  • How Laser hair removal treatment works?

Laser hair removal Vancouver works by gently heating and destroying the hair follicles at the base, using infrared laser light which are attracted to the colored pigment in individual hairs.

At Arion Skin Laser, your treatment will be done with the Soprano ICE laser, which safely passes through the skin’s dermal layers, leaving skin smooth and hairless after some sessions.

  • Does it hurt?

Soprano ICE laser is a painless and very easy treatment. Traditional lasers fire single-shot high energy beams, which can be quite uncomfortable and painful. The Soprano ICE laser uses low energy and cooling technology, making the treatment more comfortable.

It cools the skin by integrating numerous cooling pumps within the applicator and this mechanism is combined with a sapphire tip for contact cooling. The result is, as many patients have described, “a warm massage”.

  • Are there any risks with this procedure?

The treatment is free of side effects, and requires no downtime. Because the light used on Soprano ICE laser has low energy, the treatment is safe and parameters are specifically designed to match your skin and hair type, resulting in exceptional precise and gentle treatments.

  • Is laser hair removal treatment recommended for dark color skin?

Because the parameters can be changed, the Soprano ICE laser is completely safe to be used by all kinds of skin.

If you want to know more about it, contact or visit us on 345-550 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC.

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