The best place for laser hair removal in West Vancouver!

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The best place for laser hair removal in West Vancouver!

Ditch your old routines and opt for laser hair removal

Finding the right clinic for laser hair removal treatment might be tricky for some, but it doesn’t have to be. Come to the best place for laser hair removal in West Vancouver!

Shaving, waxing and plucking. We’ve all been there. We know the sacrifices—and pain—that comes with removing unwanted hair. And sometimes even these routines aren’t enough and you’re left sweating in the heat as you try to cover up. But there are alternatives to these painful procedures and a way to regain your confidence. Come try laser hair removal and we’ll tell you where to go in West Vancouver (and Downtown Vancouver, too)!

Arion Skin Laser provides a wide range of laser treatments, including the Pain-Free, Hair Free laser hair removal treatment. And Arion Skin Laser is the only clinic that offers this treatment in Downtown Vancouver.

What is Pain-Free, Hair-Free?

This hair removal treatment uses a medical laser, Soprano ICE, to remove your hair.

The process works this way: The pigment in your hair absorbs the light of the laser that’s aimed at your hair. This damages the hair follicle just enough to impede future hair from growing. Incidentally, according to Howard Burak, the president of the Permalaser Clinic in Montreal, that’s why it’s not possible to remove white hair with laser hair removal procedures. The hair doesn’t have the pigment to absorb the light.

The process takes up to 4-6 treatments. Do note, however, that some people may need extra treatments. This all depends on the type of hair you have. You may have to return for more treatments from several months up to two years after your first treatment. The results vary from person to person.

Will it hurt?

People have different pain thresholds. So while this is one of a few treatments where numbing cream isn’t required, you should discuss your options during your consultation. Most people who undergo the treatment find it comfortable, though.

How safe is it?

Laser hair removal procedures are very safe! Hair removal is the most well-known and most researched side of the beauty industry. It’s also the most popular! The Pain-Free, Hair-Free treatment has been used by thousands of people and it’s certified by both the FDA and Health Canada.


For those of you who shave, have you ever thought about how many hours you spend shaving a week? What about a year? A full leg shave of both legs, at 3 times/week and 7 minutes/shave, that’s about 21 minutes per week. And about 18.5 hours/year.

What kind of activities could you have done in that many hours? How many times would you be able to circle Stanley Park? (About 4.6 times, if it takes you 4 hours for one go).

How many times laps would you be able do in a swimming pool? (A lot).

How many meals in how many restaurants in Downtown Vancouver would you be able to eat in that time? (Too Many).

You get the idea.

Regain your confidence!

With your hair-free legs, you’ll finally have the confidence to get out of those stifling pants and into a new pair of shorts. Think of all the attractions in West Vancouver and or other parts of Vancouver that’s available for you to enjoy! You can now hike up Grouse Mountain or walk around Stanley Park in shorts instead of sweating inside your long pants.

Or maybe it’s time to finally take out your swimsuit and head down to West Vancouver’s Aquatic Centre! And it’s all thanks to the laser hair removal treatment you got at Arion Skin Laser.

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