Reasons why you need Skin Tightening in Vancouver

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Reasons why you need Skin Tightening in Vancouver

There are many reasons why you need skin tightening in Vancouver. One reason can be due to aging but there are actually a number of other reasons why you’re having problems with wrinkles or loose skin.

Your Vision

You may be wondering, “wait, what?” See, when you age, your eyesight worsens. When people are unable to see something clearly, they tend to squint in order to focus. When you do this, however, it affects the muscles at the corner of your eyes. Do this often enough and those lines at the corner of your eyes start to become visible.

So after you book that appointment for your skin tightening in Vancouver, you may want to visit your optometrist as well.

Your Teeth

Did you know that having a teeth pulled from your mouth means the skin of your face may become looser? That’s because teeth contributes to your facial structure. When one of them is missing, your face will change. And that’s just one reason. Other things such as teeth grinding can also be a factor.

Your Skincare routine

While exfoliating is great because it gets rid of dead skin cells, you need to take care that you don’t go overboard. This will cause the new skin cells to be exposed to the elements before they’re ready, making them fragile. In turn, this will make your skin look aged.

Another factor is neglecting to use SPF around your eyes. The skin there is quite delicate and shouldn’t be neglected.

Your Stress Levels

Prolonged periods of stress can take its toll not only on your mental health but also on your body. A study done on women between 20 and 50 found that women who live in a situation where they’re constantly under extreme stress have a tendency to physically look 10 years older than their actual age.

Other problems that can come from stress aside from premature aging are acne and even hair loss.

Your Diet

Eating too much sweets can have a detrimental effects on your skin’s collagen. If you need a refresher: collagen is what makes your skin firm and young-looking. Consuming sugar may cause the formation of advanced-glycation end products or AGES, these interfere with the collagen in your body.

The factors listed above and more are the causes for your wrinkles and loose skin. Fortunately, there are a procedures for skin tightening in Vancouver that you can choose from to make your skin look more youthful.

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