Skin-care routine: it’s time to have one

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Skin-care routine: it’s time to have one

When you get home after a long day at work, tired and sleepy, taking off your makeup or cleaning your skin doesn’t seem exactly like a priority, right? But if you want your skin to remain young-looking and healthy for a long time, having a skin-care routine should be on your to-do list.

Finding out your skin type

The first step you have to take when planning your skin-care routine is to find out your skin type. If it is flaky or rough, I might want to focus in products for dry skin. If your problem is that greasy look obtained throughout the day, you probably have oily skin. It could also be a mix of both, with some oily regions (usually close to the nose and chin area) and other dry ones. If you have sensitive skin, the kind that may sting or itch when using makeup, for example, be sure to take extra precaution when choosing your skin-care routine products.

Step by step on the path to a better skin

When planning your skin-care routine, considerer that you’ll have duties at morning, before going to sleep and also weekly duties. It surely seems like a lot of work, but it is easily incorporated to your life. Besides, when you start to see the results, you won’t want to stop!

We will present a list of must-haves, but keep in mind this varies accordingly to your skin type.

  • Step One – Cleanser: Nope, the body soap you use is not good enough for your face area, it doesn’t matter how good-quality it is. So make sure to find yourselfa bottle of these glorious products which will remove oil, makeup and, of course, the dirt accumulated throughout out the day.
  • Step Two – Toner: A good toner is like aincredibly beneficial for the skin, making it smoother, softer and calmer. Also, if you didn’t do your best job on step one, the toner will remove the last little bits of makeup. It is very important to choose a special toner for your type of skin, since this product will work to balance the oils and other factors.
  • Step Three – Exfoliant: The dead skin layer that covers our face can lead our skin to seem rough or with different tones. A gentle exfoliant can correct that. Here, the same rule for the cleanser applies: a body exfoliant can’t be used on your face skin – for that sensitive area, using body exfoliant is like rubbing broken glass in your face. Keep that image in mind next time you think about using one of those!
  • Step Four – Serum: Now that the skin is clean and ready to take the most of a good product, it’s serum time! This product is filled with vitamins, antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients. It can and should be applied at mornings and evenings.
  • Step Five – Anti-aging moisturize: For this step, the morning product will differ from the evening one, since it should contain sunscreen in the first scenario. It improves the skin appearance by hydrating it. You can use special ones for the eyes area, if want even better results.

Some amazing extra help for your skin-care routine

Every other week or even monthly, an extra caution should be added to your skin-care routine. At Arion Skin Laser you can find treatments that are an excellent complement, like the Deep Cleansing and Skin Care, which cleans your skin with a depth that can’t be reached with everyday products. Another option is the Skin Tightening, designed to reverse aging signs. And don’t forget that in Arion Skin Laser you can also find skin-care products to prevent, protect and correct skin issues.

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