Skincare Tips for Healthy Skin

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Skincare Tips for Healthy Skin

The right skincare tips can make a massive difference in the way your skin behaves and cleanses itself. External stress, the sun and make up are a few of the things that can affect your skin’s appearance and feel. For instance, pollution and smoke can leave your skin oily. To reverse the effects make sure not to neglect your skin and instead wash it with a deep cleaning facial cleanser before you go to bed. In regards to makeup, it’s best to wear hypoallergenic makeup that is formulated for all skin types. In addition, never go to sleep with makeup as each time you sleep with makeup on your pores become clogged resulting in the creation of a microcomedone, which attracts acne-causing bacteria to your pores. Another thing to look out for is of course, the sun. Make sure to choose daily skincare products that include SPF in them. By doing this it’ll reduce the harm of the effects of the sun, which accelerates skin ageing.

When it comes to the actual skin care process make sure to pick a cleanser that is best suited for your skin type. For instance milky cream cleansers are best for dry skin where as gel formulas work for oily skin. Be gentle when washing off the cleanser. Use lukewarm water and a face cloth to damp dry. Some other products that are recommended to use are exfoliators, face and eye creams and a face mask every once and a while. With just under ten minutes a day you can have that healthy glow you’ve always wanted.

Arion Skin Laser can help you get the glowing skin you’ve always wanted. Contact us to book a free consultation – one of our experts will assess your skin and see which treatment is best for you. If your current regime is not working for you, we can provide fitting skincare tips and help you figure out a regime that will work, with treatments that will help transform your skin using the best technology available.

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