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You may be wondering how this skin laser clinic in Vancouver can solve your skin problems… with lasers of all things! Well, I assure you that these lasers aren’t the lethal looking ones you see in movies. The lasers found here at Arion are tuned to safe, specific frequencies to combat all your skincare needs without ever needing surgery!

Skin Laser Clinic? Lasers? How?

Skin laser treatments use gentler lasers that bypass the outer skin layer to trigger various sub dermal, or below-the-skin, effects. From erasing freckles to skin tightening, the right lasers in the right hands, such as those here at the Arion Skin Laser Clinic in downtown Vancouver, can do a variety of miraculous things.

As for how it works, let’s take a look at some of our specific treatments.

Acne Laser Peel Treatment

Red spots, blemishes, spots… call it what you will, but one thing most people agree about acne is that it’s annoying; especially the ones that don’t go away! You’ve tried a healthier diet, you’ve tried acne creams… it is time for you to try laser!

Arion Skin Laser Clinic’s 2 pass laser treatment first shoot long pulses to stimulate cell regeneration while reducing redness and inflammation. Then, the q-switch changes the laser into short, high energy pulses. This second shot peels away old skin layers and unplug pores.

The first treatment alone can reduce acne visibility by up to 30%. With three to five treatments, you should see a significant reduction in acne and acne scar visibility!

acne laser peel treatment vancouver skin laser clinic in vancouver

Pigmented Lesions Treatment

Pigmented lesions, which is a fancy way to sum up age spots, birthmarks, freckles and various other color spots, can be safely removed using lasers! Before lasers, there were chemical peel and dermabrasion… just from the names you can tell they weren’t pleasant. Fear not! Arion Skin Laser Clinic in Vancouver is here to save the day!

Their Spectra VRM laser treatment passes through the skin and, using a frequency tuned to pigments, breaks down the pigments that cause lesions from age spots to freckles. These broken down pigments simply get absorbed by the skin and disappear!

sun damage arion vancouver skin laser clinic in vancouver

Sublime Skin Tightening Treatment

Cruel gravity got you down? Want to give your face the spunk and glamour it deserves? Look no further than the Sublime treatment! Safe, effective, fast, virtually painless and, most importantly, no surgery required! This technology is only available at Arion Skin Laser Clinic!

Sublime uses the combined bi-polar radiofrequency and light energy of elōs® technology to precisely warm up the dermal tissue. This stimulates the loosened collagen to shorten their fibers, creating tighter and stronger skin! You’ll find your finer wrinkles disappearing, your facial contours improve and your complexion smoothened out in just five sessions.

scars and wrinkles vancouver skin laser clinic in vancouver

So Much More Available at Arion Skin Laser Clinic in Downtown Vancouver

We also do laser hair removal, tattoo removal, vein shrinking and more! You’ll see why Arion is the master of lasers when you come visit our downtown clinic!

Besides ALL of that, we also offer many other treatments such as our popular, non-invasive, ultrasound facelift technology, Ultherapy!

Click here for more information on our various skin laser treatments or here to schedule a FREE skin laser consultation. Alternatively, feel free to come visit us at Arion Skin Laser Clinic in Downtown Vancouver!

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