Why a surgical skin lifting treatment isn’t the best option for you

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Why a surgical skin lifting treatment isn’t the best option for you

There are a number of different skin lifting treatments currently available: from non-invasive treatments that involve lasers to surgical ones.

Let’s be frank, while we were younger we don’t really think about skin lifting treatments. In fact, there may have been a number of people who actually shun the practice. However, that mentality changes when they finally reach that age where they start to see signs of aging in their faces or on their body.

Some people may consider surgical skin lifting treatments but have they really considered about the downtime or even the number of complications?


A long downtime

Unlike non-invasive treatments, with surgical procedures you’re looking at significant downtime. Even a mini skin lifting treatment can have you looking at up to 2 weeks of downtime before you’re able to return to work. A treatment with short incision will have you out of commission up to 3 weeks and a large incision will mean that you would need up to one month to recover.


What you really need to think about when you’re considering a surgical skin tightening treatment is the list of complications that may occur.


A hematoma is when blood is collected outside of the blood vessels, usually within the tissue, in one localized spot.

Hematomas usually happen soon after a surgical skin lifting treatment—within 24 hours. This complication is the most common after a facelift. It needs to be treated within a few hours or there are risks of further complications. Treatments for this condition can include further surgery.


To be clear: most post-treatment/post-operation treatment for surgical skin lifting procedure aims to reduce any risk of infection. But the fact of the matter is, infection is still a common complication.

Blood Loss

While some blood loss is expected after—and even during—a surgical procedure, there’s also the danger of uncontrolled blood loss. And this can lead to a sharp drop in blood pressure which can lead to even more serious conditions.

The complications listed above are just a couple of the most common complications with regards to surgical procedures. There are still others that you need to take into account.

So what are your options? Well, non-invasive skin lifting treatments such as Ultherapy. You won’t have to worry about complications such as infection or blood loss. And there’s also the downtime to consider—there’s very little downtime and for some people there may not be any downtime at all. After all, it’s not a surgical procedure. You also won’t have to worry about any of the complications above during your non-invasive skin lifting treatment.

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