Is laser tattoo removal dangerous?

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Is laser tattoo removal dangerous?

A tattoo is a beautiful piece of body art with a huge variety of styles like Japanese, dot work, old school, new school etc. A beautiful tattoo looks attractive and nice, but why people want tattoo removal? Well, there are two most common reasons for removing an old tattoo: 1) It is simply ugly. Yes, let`s face the truth, sometimes people make not very good tattoos and regret after. It is very important to think about your future before making a tattoo. 2) They want to cover an old tattoo with a new one.


Whichever your reason of tattoo removing is, there can be one question: Is it dangerous for your health?

The simplest answer will be – NO.



Let`s look closer at the technology of laser tattoo removal

Tattoos are removed with a special medical laser gun. Ink particles absorb the light from a laser and break into smaller pieces and go away through the immune system.



How many sessions a client needs is an individual question because it depends on the size of a tattoo. A tattoo can be a small sign or a large piece of work covering whole back. The larger a tattoo is, the more sessions a client will need. The older a tattoo is, the longer it takes to remove it completely. Another interesting point is that it is much simpler to remove a black tattoo, rather than a colorful one. It happens because black ink better absorbs laser`s light.
The procedure is not painful but can cause a little bit of discomfort. Anyways it is not painful like making a new tattoo. If you suffer from your old tattoo, it is a good idea to remove it and finally get rid of that problem. It is simpler than you think.


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