"The treatments I received at Arion Skin Laser were highly professional and very enjoyable. Dr Madani and his team took a great deal of time to explain the procedures and expected outcomes with me, answering all my questions clearly and without ever trying to “upsell”. However, he let me test certain treatments at no charge and as a result, I had the confidence in the procedures and decided to continue. With so many laser clinics competing in Vancouver, it is difficult to know where to place one’s trust, but the competent, reassuring and informative reception that Arion Laser Clinic offers, along with state of the art equipment and a very pleasant environment at the clinic, I vote for Arion Laser."
- O.T
"I had several treatments in 2015 with Arion clinic and I am very happy with the results. The team are very friendly, professional and supportive. Dr. Madani is a very knowledgeable doctor and always recommended me the best options. He is very passionate to bring the best result for the patient and unlike many other doctors spends enough time for briefing as well as treatment itself. The same with Mrs. Shahsavari. She is very professional and cares about patients satisfaction."
- S.N
"the staff are very friendly and go above and beyond to help their customers. They have been more than accomodating to me and made me feel like a VIP during my visits. They have several different machines and keep up with the available technology. My favorite feature is that I’m always being educated on hair removal during my visits and have learned lots about the lasers myself."
- N.M
"I had some varices on my leg that was treated by injection 2 years ago though had left some brown patches other than severe pain. A friend suggested Arion Laser for a new laser technology that they use for finer vessels those can not be injected. I tried Yag laser for 3 times and in 3 months almost all was gone. The machine is so fast and the staff are so experienced."
- M.M
"This is the best laser cosmetic clinic in Vancouver and they deserve to be recognized! The highly trained professionals, who work at Arion Skin Laser, take the time to get to know their clients and are very efficient with the work they perform. I recommend this place to anyone who needs painless laser hair removal, non invasive face lifts, body contouring and more!"
- S
"I love this place because I can trust the people who are working there with my health, requirements and budget. Mr. Madadi and Mrs. Shahsavari are truly knowledgeable and their hospitality is great. Their clinic is clean and comfortable and they offer their service with the most advanced technologies available in the market."
- L.G
"I have been to many different cosmetic clinics for laser hair removal and there is no other clinic with more knowledgable technicians. They take care in making sure that the most appropriate machine, with the most appropriate setting, is used, meanwhile taking care of your skin with applying creams after the treatment."
- P.N
"I’ve had both Genesis laser and Quattro laser in Arion Laser clinic. I started 5 months ago to improve my large pores and flushing over my nose and cheeks as my friend suggested. I am happy with results. They are really knowledgeable and kind in there. I strongly recommend them to my friends. "
- K.B
"They offer such personalized service! I’m not treated as a regular customer – I get considerate and thoughtful attention to my needs and they are always willing to accommodate last minute changes due to my crazy schedule. Truly good people doing great work! "
- C.C
"I’m disabled and in a wheelchair. The staff in the Coal Harbour location are very friendly, helpful and accommodating to my needs. Plus the laser treatments for my acne and scars have really made a difference and has given my self confidence back."
- B.A
"Very genuine… they seem to care and are warm and friendly, feel like friends, personal contact…willing to please, give extras – makes you feel special and valued as an indivudual, not just a business and so it increases trust with them…that they care to do their best… and in turn, i trust their opinion for me…that they are there to help, not just to sell.. that is the thing that differentiates them from the rest, plus better prices, plus they add in extras, plus they seem to really want to make me look my best. I trust what they recommend I do, because I feel they really are there to help, not just upselling. Trust is the most important thing, and the way they are, warm, friendly, extras thrown in, adbice, honest.. they create trust ."
- N.M
"Omg…ok so I’ve needed and thought about getting laser removal because who needs hair in many areas…I stumped upon Arion one day and couldn’t be more satisfied with EVERYTHING…after 1 visit I saw huge results, I couldn’t believe it…love this place, and after doing a few areas now I want to do my entire body because the results are amazing!!! "
- K.R
"They are very experienced and also kindly welcoming their new clients, they value their client’s time and always running ontime. They are using the moste recent equipments and their knowledge is also very current and uptodate. they consider discount in their package. They are very polite and well mannered. "
- Z
"I have been a customer for years and have been extremely satisfied with their services. Dr. Madani is very knowledgable and considerate. I never felt to be pushed to receive any services. I really like their new location. "
- M.R
"I love the staff and their work. I am feeling more confident about the way I look and it is all thanks to Arion Skin Laser! Thank you guys so much and all the best with your new clinic!"
- V
"I love the staff and their work. I am feeling more confident about the way I look and it is all thanks to Arion Skin Laser! Thank you guys so much and all the best with your new clinic!"
- V
"Excellent service, very kind and friendly Great prices, great quality. Great results, greAt information and very knowledgeable "
- P.A
"Great team, all types of procedures, good promotions for regular customers… I’d love to see Arion as a winner again!"
- V
"I am thrilled with their services and the new location is very beautiful! They deserve this Top Choice Award! "
- S
"All those working there are happy and have positive energy, They are very professional, you trust them"
- S.F
"My family and I have been their customers for the past few months and have purchased different products. "
- D.K
"All the staff are very professional and knowledgeable. I love coming here for my laser! "
- S
"I love the personal attention to details. Great products and veery knowledgeable staff."
- D
"Friendly staff and great prices, the work they do is second to none"
- R
"They are extremely professional and I love their service. "
- N.H
"Very happy with my treatments! I love the Arion team! "
- E
"They are so professional and caring about their customers."
- M
"I’ve been a customer for the last four years. "
- K
"I have had good results from laser on my face."
- F.K
"They are great and the staff are so kind"
- N.Y