Acne Scar Treatment & Enlarged Pores


Our pores are essential to our skin’s health, providing the oils that keep our skin soft and supple. Many women, however, look at their face in the mirror and feel plagued by enlarged pores or acne. Large pores occur for many reasons. Some individuals are genetically predisposed, while others simply aren’t cleansing properly. There are a variety of measures ranging from over-the-counter exfoliating scrubs to microdermabrasion that can help reduce the appearance of your pores.

If you are looking for an acne scar treatment Vancouver or a solution to pores, SpectraPeel is the answer.

The Lutronic Laser SpectraPeel is the latest non-ablative skin rejuvenation procedure providing outstanding clinical results for the treatment of enlarged pores. Thousands of men and women each year have enjoyed long lasting results from this safe and effective treatment. The SpectraPeel is a 3-step process. The first step is the application of a topical photo-enhancer carbon lotion that will seep deeply into the pores. In the second step, the acne scar treatment will be applied to the facial area causing stimulation of the skin cells. In the third step, the laser will then be used to create a peeling effect to remove the topical photo-enhancer lotion.

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Other benefits of SpectraPeel For Your Skin

  • Reduces large pores
  • Smooths out uneven skin tone
  • Reduced fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces acne flare-ups
  • No patient downtime
  • Safe for ALL skin types
  • Short treatment time



How does the SpectraPeel work?
What can the SpectraPeel do for my enlarged pores?
How many treatments are required for the SpectraPeel?
How does the SpectraPeel reduce my enlarged pores?
How long will my results last from the SpectraPeel?

Enlarged Pores Treatment at Arion Skin Laser Enlarged Pores Treatment at Arion Skin Laser

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