Myths on Tattoo Removal Vancouver

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Myths on Tattoo Removal Vancouver

Here we are about to debunk four myths surrounding Vancouver tattoo removal treatments.

No longer associate yourself with the person you were when you got your tattoo(s)?

Thinking about getting your tattoo(s) removed?

There are a few myths that you have heard but are uncertain if they are true?


Myth # 1: Tattoo Removal Cream is as Effective as Vancouver Tattoo Removal Treatment in Arion

Fact on Vancouver Tattoo Removal :

This is not true as, though there are various tattoo removal creams available in the market, they cannot fully remove the tattoo ink. At most, tattoos may begin fading after using these creams. In cases of laser tattoo removal, the results are much better. In addition, many patients state that there are various side effects associated with these creams like irritation and swelling.

There are some tattoo removal creams that claim that they can remove tattoos in 3 to 9 months. These are highly disputed because apparently there is no cream that can penetrate the layer of skin that tattoos can get to. If tattoos were on an outer layer of skin then they would simply just fade away during our normal skin-shedding process.


Myth # 2: Laser Tattoo Removal Causes Intense Pain and Discomfort.


While it is true that there is some discomfort associated with the laser tattoo removal procedure, it is commonly described as a tingling or a burning sensation similar to a sunburn. A tattoo removal expert may apply a topical numbing cream to the tattoo site to further reduce pain and discomfort.


Myth # 3: The Laser Burns off the Ink


This might have been true of older lasers, such as the CO2 that burned off the shallow layers of the epidermis.

Lasers target the pigment of your tattoo ink and break it into smaller particles. This enables the body’s immune system to dispose of the ink, causing the tattoo to fade and eventually disappear.

After lasers break up the ink, your body’s immune system disperses it into your bloodstream, where it travels to your kidneys. Ink is then released through your urine and sweat.


Myth # 4: You Can Remove All Kind of Tattoo


Some ink colors fade faster than others. Black is the easiest color to remove, and greens and blues are generally more difficult. If you have a tattoo full of color, it won’t all fade at the same rate.

Your natural skin color matters too. Skin with the most contrast between it and the tattoo will usually have the best results. For example, black ink will be easily removed from a person with fair skin but more difficult to remove from those who have dark or tanned skin.


We at Arion offer Vancouver tattoo removal treatment with a medical laser. 

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