Is Vein and Vessel Removal Effective? – Arion Skin Laser

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Is Vein and Vessel Removal Effective? – Arion Skin Laser

eVein and vessel removal treatments are the perfect solution to a problem you may have been struggling with for years. Broken veins, vessels and capillaries can be unsightly and make you self conscious of wearing what you want to wear or even from being at the beach. Our laser vein and vessel treatments are safe, effective, and treat various diameters and depths of leg veins.

Why do broken veins and vessels occur?

These vascular lesions occur due to a number of reasons including obesity, heredity, a history of blood clots, hormonal changes, environment, old age and a variety of other reasons. Certain over the counter products like creams can make a difference, but not eliminate them entirely.

How does laser vein and vessel removal work?

The laser penetrates the skin, targeting the blood, eliminating it and shrinking the vessel/vein without affecting the surrounding skin – this makes it so that the vein is no longer visible due to its now shrunken diameter. The end result is skin that is even, with a significant reduction in red blood vessels. This treatment is great for rosacea sufferers as the laser shrinks and reduces the blood vessels that make the skin appear red, irritated and inflamed.

The great thing about this treatment is that it is completely safe and effective, without the need for injections, anaesthetics, and requiring little to no downtime. More intensive treatments will require downtimes of about 5-7 days, especially depending on the area being treated.

If would like to inquire further about vein and vessel removal and find out whether or not it is for you, don’t hesitate to contact our experts! You can come in for a free consultation nd find out more about the procedure itself, and various other details like whether you are eligible for the area you would like treated, cost, and downtime. Contact us to book your appointment!

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