You’ve Just Had Your First Session of Laser Hair Removal Vancouver – What Can You Expect?

laser hair removal vancouver

You’ve Just Had Your First Session of Laser Hair Removal Vancouver – What Can You Expect?

Laser hair removal Vancouver is one of those advanced modern treatments that once you’ve experienced it, you can’t quite imagine your life without it. It’s absolutely life-changing. No more buying razors, no more waiting for your hair to grow out so you can wax, no more dangerous depilatory creams and no more razor burn or ingrown hairs. For anyone that has a little more fuzz than the average person, it can be hard to find time to dedicate to making sure you’re fuzz-free, and not to mention the money it requires to maintain this.

After the Procedure

Following your procedure, you may notice slight swelling and redness around on the area that was treated. You can use ice to cool and calm the treatment area, although at Arion Skin Laser we have a cooling device that blows chilled air at the area being treated to ensure your complete comfort.  If your skin reacts adversely, your doctor and technician may apply a steroid cream to calm down the skin.

It’s important to avoid sun exposure and tanning salons for at least six weeks following your procedure and in between treatments. Always use a broad-spectrum SPF of at least 30 on the areas being treated to protect your skin.


After your treatment, the hair won’t fall off immediately. It will gradually shed over the next 6 weeks before your next treatment. Your laser hair removal Vancouver sessions will be timed according to the hair’s growth cycle, so by the time it’s time for your next session, the hair follicles that weren’t destroyed and have grown back will be zapped in just the right time.

Laser hair removal doesn’t guarantee 100% permanent hair removal, but your hair will be up to 80% or 90% lighter and finer. You will notice your hair won’t grow for months and sometimes years, with some patches being completely hair-free while others may require a few more maintenance sessions.

If you would like to have laser hair removal Vancouver, get in touch with our team at Arion Skin Laser. We are fully equipped with the latest laser technology and can’t wait to help you experience it for yourself.

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