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Now that the winter is upon us and temperatures are falling below zero, it’s easy for skin to get dry, flaky, and irritated. Even if you have oily skin, this time of year can wreak havoc on your skin’s ability to properly hydrate itself, retain moisture, and have that youthful glow that’s easier to achieve during other parts of the year. Our skin laser Vancouver can help you get back that glow.

So, which skin treatments are the best for slewing away dry, dead layers of skin to renew the baby-soft skin underneath? A skin laser Vancouver can address all of your skin concerns, no matter what the time of year. Let’s take a look.


Microdermabrasion is a dry skin treatment that, although abrasive for sensitive skin, is very effective. It uses a diamond tip that exfoliates away dead skin and vacuums it up along with oil and other build-up and pollutants. After the exfoliating treatment with the device is complete, the practitioner will apply a patient-specific serum that will deeply penetrate the skin.

Laser Treatments for Sun Damage

Pigmented lesions arise from a wide range of natural and environmental sources including photodamage, genetic makeup, and the ageing process Winter is the perfect time to focus on sun-damaged skin and give it a chance to truly regenerate in the months until summer rolls around again. Pigmentation treatments usually take effect after 3-5 treatments. Your laser technician depending on the severity of the condition can recommend the number of Vascular Lesion or Pigmented Lesion treatments.


The SilkPeel requires no downtime, and is a skin treatment that Hollywood’s celebrities love. It is much more gentle than microdermabrasion because microdermabrasion is a dry treatment, whereas the SilkPeel isn’t. It’s diamond tip gently exfoliates and vacuums away dead skin, build-up and other gunk while it deposits a serum specific to the patient’s skin needs deep into the skin. Because the diamond tip stimulates the skin and blood flow, the serum has a chance to sink in deeper and much more effectively.

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