Spectra™ Peel (Soft Peel)

What is it?

Spectra™ Peel (Soft Peel)

The Spectra Peel is a one-step skin rejuvenation procedure that gives clients a controlled, superficial peel that is gentle on the skin and not associated with the risks of other lasers. It helps to treat sun damaged skin, brown spots, melasma and pigmentation for a clearer, brighter, more evenly toned complexion. It works by zapping skin cells with a short pulse which destroys excess pigment without damaging the cell.


The Spectra Soft Peel is a simple process in which controlled heating of the skin is followed by a superficial photo peeling of the skin’s dermis. As the laser passes through, it lightly ablates the top layer of dead skin and breaks up pigment into small particles which your body can then eliminate. The heating of the skin’s dermis layer causes it to contract and stimulate the rebuilding of collagen.


This treatment is gentle enough to be performed on a monthly basis. In most cases, 3-5 treatments will be required for optimum and long-lasting results. It is recommended that treatments are repeated every 2-3 weeks for a clear complexion. While laser treatments are considered to be long -lasting, they are not permanent. Patients can help maintain the new appearance by carefully following post-care instructions and by avoiding prolonged sun exposure. For maintaining clinical results, treatments should be performed twice a year.


Melasma is a common skin problem resulting in brown patches. It stems from hormonal changes and sun damage, and affects both women and men. Spectra laser is considered the gold standard to treat pigment disorders and the best brown spot skin remover. Typically melasma laser treatment consists of weekly sessions for 10 weeks to ensure that the unwanted pigment is gently removed and that the body’s immune system can respond to clear the removed particles. 

It is important to allow adequate time for results to occur. Melasma treatment is a gradual process that requires 6–8 sessions to produce effective results. With no downtime and minimal side effects, you may immediately return to your daily activities. 



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