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5 Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

The benefits of laser hair removal far outweigh the brief discomfort and the price tag. It is hard to keep up with hair removal – whether you choose to wax, use a cream, use an epilator (ouch!), thread, lighten or tweeze. Those methods can be painful, leave rashes, make you break out, cause painful ingrown and not to mention consume a lot of your time. When you add up all of the money spent on these methods annually, laser hair removal actually comes out at the top in terms of price and affordability. In addition, you can always speak to your laser center if they offer financing options to make payments easier.

No More Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs are caused by the hairs growing back under the skin, causing inflammation and sometimes even infection. Ingrown hairs are often caused by waxing, threading and epilating. Laser hair removal, on the other hand, zaps and destroys the hair at the root so even if some of the hairs do grow back, they grow back super fine and soft making regrowth comfortable.

More Time

Older methods of hair removal often take hours to achieve weekly since the hair follicle is still very much active and thick, and grows back fast. Laser hair removal significantly reduces regrowth up to 80%, with remaining hairs that do grow back being very fine with a slow regrowth rate. This means very way less shaving, and even less waxing if that is your preferred method. People can oftentimes go a full year or more without shaving.

Save Money

The amount of money you spend over a lifetime on hair removal products adds up to be much more in the long run compared to the amount you would spend on laser hair removal. It is definitely a long-term investment worth looking into and researching.

Peace of Mind

Amongst the benefits of laser hair removal is knowing you are hair-free. It provides so much peace of mind being smooth and silky even when you haven’t put in the effort to shave in over a month. Roll up your jeans at any time without worrying!

No More Dots!

As the hairs get finer and finer and eventually stop growing at all, those dark dots you get on your legs after shaving are finally gone! No more feeling self-conscious about your dotted legs – just smooth, flawless, clear skin.

If you would like to look into even more benefits of laser hair removal, contact us to book a free appointment and experience it for yourself! Our experts would be thrilled to assist you in achieving hair-free skin!


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