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5 laser tattoo removal facts you didn’t know about

Getting a tattoo seems like a long-lasting obligation, but with new technologies, it doesn’t have to be. The best option for those who want to get rid of their tattoo is laser tattoo removal treatment. There are quite quick and safe laser tattoo removal facts that will leave your skin ink-free.

We’ve made a list of laser tattoo removal facts that better to know if you can’t make your mind on tattoo-free life.

  1. Tattoos are not so deep as you might think

Many people assume that tattoo ink seeps very deep into their skin, but it only goes through the dermis layer beneath the skin flakes (epidermis).

  1. The laser works just on tattoo ink, not on the rest of your skin

Some people are scared of laser because they concern about the laser effect on their skin during tattoo removal treatment. So how does laser work? Let’s clarify that moment. Laser targets just the tattoo pigment that has been injected into your skin and then laser breaks it up into tiny particles. The coloring will be cleared away by your immune system, and the rest of the skin will be untouched. So there is no need to worry about other parts of your body.

  1. Some colors are easier to get rid of than others

Laser tattoo removal process is faster with black, brown, green and dark blue, and for other colors, it might take a little longer.

  1. It’s ok to change your mind

Failed relationships or poor teenage judgment, everything changes, by the proof of those days stay on your skin. There is a long list of celebrities who have decided to live ink-free.

  1. The treatment takes just a few minutes

Many people put off getting their tattoo to reveal treatments because they expect it will take lots of time. In fact, the procedure is quite fast and can be completed in some minutes, depending on the size and position of the body art.

You might need to get a follow-up treatment as your immune system and skin need some time to eliminate the pigment particles.

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