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Winter has taken its toll on even those with the least problematic skin, making skin care Vancouver that much more important. Harsh winds, below-freezing temperatures and constant heat inside our homes all lead to extra dry skin which can end up feeling irritated, itchy, flakey and pulling. It’s essential to integrate some science-backed and Arion-recommended steps into your regimen to fight back against the damaging effects of the coldest months (which, thankfully, are behind us).

Here are our favourite 5 ways to relieve dry, flakey skin.

Take an Oatmeal Bath

A study published in the Journal of Drugs and Dermatology proved that colloidal oatmeal (finely ground oats) are incredibly effective for the treatment of skin rashes, eczema, burns, itching and dryness. Oatmeal helps to repair the skin barrier and is incredibly soothing. This is also a great step to implement if you have a baby with constantly irritated skin, whether due to diapers or another skin condition.

Try a Hollywood Peel

We love Hollywood peels at Arion, and we know you do too! It’s a gentle laser treatment that plays a key role in exfoliating the skin (great for that layer of dead, flaking skin), clearing up any spots you might have and reducing the size of your pores.

First, a topical photo-enhancing carbon lotion is applied which is then zapped by the laser. This creates a warm, tingling sensation. The treatment is gentle enough to be performed on a monthly basis and can help your serums and heavier moisturizers seep into your skin much more effectively. If you would like to try it for yourself or learn more, we would be happy to offer you a free consultation!

Invest in SkinCeuticals Skincare

High-quality skincare is a must for everyone but especially those with ultra-dry, irritated skin. When you’re slathering on thick layers of cream to find relief, you want to make sure that you’re feeding your skin with tested, dermatologist-recommended skincare. SkinCeuticals is a brand that is used globally in clinics all around the world on patients after a wide variety of treatments, from non-invasive all the way to semi-invasive. It’s also the line of skincare we choose to use on you after your treatments at our clinic.

When it comes to dry skin, creams with ceramides (lipids that help the skin lock in moisture) like the Triple-Lipid Restore from SkinCeuticals nourishes dry skin and refills cellular lipids.

This cream:

  • Restores essential skin lipids (ceramides, natural cholesterol and fatty acids)
  • Improves the overall look of skin: evenness, plumpness and radiance
  • Has a texture that absorbs quickly and is incredibly lightweight without feeling greasy
  • Helps skin adjust to retinoids and reduces dryness caused by retinoids
  • Is free of dyes and parabens
  • Is great for skin that is normal-dry or ageing

Want to learn more or order one to try? Get in touch with us!

Go Fragrance-Free

Fragrance has long been known to have irritating effects on skin and if you already have sensitive skin to begin with, fragrance might further irritate your dry skin. Besides dryness and flaking, if your skin is also feeling red or irritated, take a look at the skincare you currently use and eliminate products with fragrance for about a week. If you notice visible improvement, switch to fragrance-free skincare.

Change Your Shower Habits

Do you love letting the hot water wash over your face directly in the shower? Hot showers are a big dry skin culprit. Long, hot showers strip your skin’s natural moisture away and make it more prone to flareups of eczema and other skin conditions. Apply your moisturizer as soon as you get out of the shower so it can really seep into your skin while the pores are open.

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