Acoustic Wave Therapy (SWT)

Acoustic wave therapy (SWT)- Arion Skin

What is it?

Acoustic Wave Therapy (SWT)

Acoustic Wave Therapy (SWT) aims to address the universal issue that nearly every woman faces: cellulite. AWT uses two different types of high-energy acoustic sound waves which oscillate at high frequencies. When introduced to the body, they stimulate the body’s natural metabolic processes to break up cellulite and help bring back the appearance of smooth skin. It is also beneficial for fat reduction, body contouring and stretch mark treatment.


AWT is applied while you are lying down, as the hand-piece is applied to the target area with a special oil which allows for optimal energy transmission. The acoustic waves penetrate the fat cell membranes, press the fat out of the cells and stimulate the circulation of lymph and blood. This activates tissue metabolism so skin can regain tightness and reduce bumps.


A typical treatment will take approximately 20-30 minutes and is pain-free, however, can become slightly uncomfortable if slim patients are treated over areas with more prominent bones. This treatments requires 4-5 treatments before results can be seen, with 10 treatments at one-week intervals and a balanced diet with lots of water required for lasting results.

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