How to Care For Your Tattoo After Tattoo Removal Vancouver

Laser tattoo removal uses a laser to target tattoo ink and shatter it into pieces small enough for your body’s immune system to metabolize and eliminate. It can create a wide variety of reactions in patients depending on how old the tattoo is, how deeply embedded it is in the skin, the strength setting, and the laser machine that was used. A large part of its success is dependent on how well you care for the treated area after the laser treatment. Our technicians will ensure your tattoo removal Vancouver treatment is as comfortable as possible.

Laser Tattoo Removal Aftercare Treatment

Post-treatment, your tattoo will immediately whiten – this is called frosting and only lasts a few minutes. It will feel like the area is sunburnt and you may develop blistering, bruising, or scabbing.

When You Get Home (First 24 hours)

  • When you get home, your practitioner will have wrapped your tattoo with antibiotic ointment and sterile gauze. It’s best to keep this for the next 24 hours and avoid showering or getting the tattoo wet as this could further irritate it or cause infection. If you do shower, it’s safe to do so at least 2-3 hour post-treatment, however, avoid hot water or soaking in the shower for too long.
  • Avoid public pools, spas and baths.
  • You can use a cold compress for 24 hours after treatment to ease the burning sensation and inflammation or swelling.
  • You are welcome to take Tylenol but Aspirin should be avoided as it is a blood thinner and can cause bruising or bleeding of any areas with open skin.

The Next Few Days

  • Use sterile, waterproof gauze bandages large enough to safely cover your tattoo and keep it bandaged for the first 3 days. Apply an antibiotic ointment recommended by your laser practitioner before to the area, you close the bandage.
  • After 3 days, you can take off the bandage and keep the area clean and dry so the skin can heal.
  • Use mild, unscented soap to clean and don’t take long showers or swims in public pools to avoid infection.
  • Don’t be alarmed if you experience blistering, it is common in laser tattoo removal. Simply use the same antibiotic ointment on the area after the blisters have popped.
  • Do not pick at scabs.
  • If the treated area looks infected, contact us right away.

The Next Few Weeks

  • Use an SPF of at least 30 on your treated area for 3 months after your treatment.
  • It’s normal for the area to feel itchy as it dries out and heals – moisturizing the area with vaseline or Aquaphor will keep it hydrated.
  • You will be completely healed within 4-6 weeks.

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