Laser Hair Removal Vancouver

What is Laser Hair Removal Vancouver?

Helping you conquer fuzz and experience the true meaning of smooth.

Hair doesn’t discriminate – women and men of all ages have to deal with some form of hair removal on a daily basis. The downside? Ingrown hairs, razor bumps, rashes and never-ending maintenance and money spent on gadgets and professional hair removal. Say goodbye to the daily upkeep of hair and hello to a smooth body! At Arion Skin Laser, we are experts at treating a wide variety of skin tones with different hair concerns. Our laser hair removal Vancouver machines offer maximum cooling and pain-reduction, for the most comfortable experience.

Treatment Options

Saprano Ice Laser Hair Removal Vancouver

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal Vancouver by Arion Skin Laser 

  • Relatively painless 
  • Safe
  • No downtime
  • Effective – significant hair reduction within 3-5 sessions
  • Smoother results 
  • Cooler treatment

How does it work? 

The Soprano ICE laser passes safely through the skin’s dermal layers. The laser works by gently heating and destroying the hair follicles at their base using pulses of infrared laser light which are attracted to the coloured pigment in individual hairs.

How does Soprano ICE differ from others lasers? 

Traditional lasers fire single shot high energy which is uncomfortable and painful and can feel like the skin is rapidly being hit with elastic bands. The Soprano ICE uses low energy making the treatment more comfortable and virtually pain free, minimising any side effects.

Is Soprano ICE safe? 

Soprano ICE uses low energy pulses which makes the treatment virtually pain free and very rarely has any side effects. The Soprano ICE laser parameters are specifically designed to match your skin and hair type, assuring exceptionally precise gentle treatments.


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