3 Reasons why you should choose facial laser hair removal

To the people who refuse to shave their legs because “I never wear skirts or shorts anyway.” To those who say, “shaving is too much of a chore and it never works anyway. And plucking, epilating, and waxing are too painful to consider.” I have a question for you. What happens when those oh-so-inconvenient body hair starts appearing on your face?

Well, maybe it’s time that you actually consider facial laser hair removal. And I’m not talking about putting up with the agony that is epilating. I’m certainly not talking about the eye-watering punishment that is plucking. Don’t even get me started on the idea of putting hot wax anywhere near my face—I didn’t spend all that money on my skincare products only to ruin my face with hot wax.

What I’m really talking about facial laser hair removal.

A quick reminder for those who aren’t sure: laser hair removal involves the use of lasers which pass through the dermal layers of the skin. They target the hair follicles of individual hairs.

  1. Not harmful for your skin

Unlike some methods, facial laser hair removal doesn’t cause your skin any harm. Waxing can burn you and it also leaves your skin far more sensitive. Depilatory creams can cause your skin to become sensitive and can even dissolve your skin(!) when left for too long.

  1. Very little discomfort

Especially compared to epilating, which one user has likened to a “primitive torture device.” Waxing can be a painful double-feature: a combination of the hot wax and the actual pain of pulling off that strip. As for shaving? Well, can you say “razor burns”?

  1. Fewer risks

What do I mean by risks? Well, with waxing, for example, there are a number of safety measures that you have to take. Because the pores in your skin are open after waxing, it means that you’re more at risk for bacteria and infections. Depilatory creams? There’s that danger of chemical burns that I mentioned earlier. Not to mention an allergic reaction.

Still not convinced? Well, you can always book a consultation at the clinic and one of the experts there can tell you more about facial laser hair removal.


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