What You Need to Know About Spring Skincare! Let’s Get Ready

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The Duo: Spring Skincare & Skin Laser Clinic

There’s no better time than now. As the spring showers love and warm sunshine upon you, your skin is finally able to recover from the winter’s harsh conditions. Every season is different, which means your skin needs to be taken care of properly. You may be seeing some changes in your complexion as the days lengthen and the weather progressively warms. “Our climate extremes force most skin to go through a period of acclimation,” says Dr. Nathan Rosen, a dermatologist in Burlington, Ontario. Don’t forget to tune up your spring skincare with a skin laser clinic in Vancouver. Learn more to take care of your skin. Call Today. 

Swapping Skincare

It is believed that April showers bring May flowers -as well as warmer temperatures, fewer UV rays, and increased humidity. Your parka has probably already been exchanged for a jean jacket, and you’ve probably swapped out your wool sweaters for cotton t-shirts as a result of the change in the climate. Just as your wardrobe deserves a makeover every now and then, so does your skin.

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Heat & Humidity are BACK! 

Heat and humidity cause oil production to increase, which might require you to adjust your skincare. You probably use too heavy a moisturizer to combat winter dryness. Even though a moisturizer with SPF 15 protects your skin from winter’s UV rays, you may need something more intense now that it’s sunny.

Cleanse Your Beauty Stash in Spring

Remember how we encouraged you to alter your skin care regimen in preparation for the colder weather? If you haven’t done a skincare purge in the previous few months, consider Arion Skin Laser to boost your skin beauty with modern technology. As needed, clean and/or exchange washcloths, sponges, cosmetic brushes, and applicators. It is important to remember that, while we may be ready to jump into spring, our skin needs some extra time to adapt.

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Skin Care Transition with Skin Laser Clinic

In the winter, we strongly recommend exfoliating as dry, dead skin cells can cause havoc on your complexion by clogging your pores and delaying the absorption of products. You are more open and receptive to products and their effects when the weather warms up and there is more humidity in the air. Since you’re not exfoliating as much, it’s okay. You should avoid products containing sand or crystals because they can cause small tears in your skin.


Keep Your Body Hydrated: H2O

As the temperatures begin to climb, we attempt to stay as hydrated as possible. This may be accomplished in two ways: bathing and drinking plenty of water.

We know you’re worried that showering would dry up your skin, but it won’t if you do it correctly. With the correct bath water temperature, Epsom salts, and bath oils, you may slough off dead skin cells, allowing your products to operate more effectively. The steam from the bathwater will open your pores as well. This is an excellent opportunity to apply a mask for additional skin benefits.

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Don’t get puzzled when it comes to taking care of the most important things in our body, our skin. Yews you are right. We should always take care of our skin more important as it’s the first thing exposed to the world. Our experts can determine the best products for your skin and give you the best suggestions and routine care for your spring skincare. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will give a complimentary analysis of your skin. 

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