The Acne Laser Treatment Vancouver That Actually Works – Spectra Laser Peel

If you struggle with acne, you’ve probably tried every treatment on the market from cleansers, serums and creams all the way to pills (which can be toxic and dangerous) and expensive skincare systems. Laser therapy for acne is a gentle and effective way of calming and rejuvenating your skin.

What is acne?

Acne is a skin condition that most commonly occurs in adolescents, however, is also commonly seen in adults where it is coined as adult acne. It appears as a result of pores getting clogged with oil and dead skin cells due to excess sebum (oil production). It appears in the form of blackheads, whiteheads, scaly red areas or painful cystic bumps that never actually come to a head.

What’s needed to reduce acne?

Acne is caused by many factors ranging from hormones and oil production (which go hand-in-hand) to food intake, hereditary factors and the products you use. In order to treat acne, many people end up going on birth control to balance out their hormones and lower the oil production which ends up blocking their pores. This usually heals the acne, however, it can have negative effects on many users. Certain acne-targeted skincare products also help the skin, although they can be rather drying and dry out the skin, causing more problems in the long run. For patients that have healed their skin via dietary changes, they may find that they have pigmented or deep-pitted, textured scarring that requires healing. Laser treatments for acne can address most of these concerns for our clients.

How does the Spectra Laser Peel work?

The Spectra Laser is applied in two different passes – the first being a long pulse mode that goes deep into the skin to reduce inflammation, redness and trigger cell regeneration. The second laser application is a q-switch laser (this laser emits short, but high-energy pulses) that peel away old skin on the surface of the face and unclogs pores. This entire process stimulates new, baby-soft, healthy skin.

What makes this acne treatment different?

The Spectra Laser Peel is also known as an acne laser peel or acne laser treatment in Vancouver. It is a gentle, no-downtime procedure that is safe to use on most skin types and quickly rejuvenates the look of whiteheads, blackheads or pimples. As other laser treatments are quite harsh and oftentimes require recovery time at home, the Spectra Laser Peel evens out the skin tone and makes it feel more even, smooth and young in one single session, without pain or discomfort. Although you can see results in one single session, our technicians recommend several treatments to maximize the effects of your sessions and get truly transformative results.

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