SureThik® system


Are you looking for a drug-free alternative to help re-grow your hair? Well you’re at the right place! Thinning hair affects both men and women of all ages and for many different reasons. Addressing thinning hair and hair loss begins with understanding why it is happening to you. The next step, is taking action!

SureThik® Hair Restoration developed a 3 Step System For Thinning Hair to help you take action. The 3 Step Hair Thickening System is uniquely formulated, gender-specific products designed to effectively target the different concerns between men and women. The 3 steps include shampoo, conditioner and our popular ScalpTX+. The shampoo and conditioner combo uses a proprietary blend of nutrients and botanical ingredients that give a deep cleanse + a boost of nutrients to feed weak and thin hair. The final step is the ScalpTX+ which energizes the scalp to produce stronger, fuller and thicker looking hair using AnaGain® and RootBioTec®. The 3 Step System will provide the best results when combined, however you can choose to use them separately.

SureThik® Fibers: Hair Restoration

SureThik® Natural hair thickening fibers instantly build volume and density while covering thinning and balding areas in 10 seconds! These microscopic ‘hair fibers’ are electro-statically charged. They build upon existing hair to produce dramatic new density, volume and total coverage.SureThik® Fibers are made from the same protein ‘keratin’ as your own naturally growing hair making it an all-natural solution for both men and women. The SureThik® Fibers come in a variety of 8 hair colour shades and can match any shade – even highlights or salt and pepper.


  • Covers any area of thinning hair
  • Ideal for all hair types – both men and women
  • Easy to apply and washes out with shampoo
  • Non-itchy and non-toxic
  • 8 natural shades



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