Accent XL

What is ACCENT XL?

Wrinkles, sagging and loose skin are an inevitable part of the aging process. Accent XL is a non-invasive radiofrequency treatment that stimulates collagen growth and gives patients firmer, younger looking skin. Advanced dual-layer thermography technology treats two layers of skin which works to improve surface texture, while stimulating collagen production right beneath it.


Accent XL is a non-invasive radio-frequency field treatment that uses a cutting-edge heating method called Dual-Layer Thermotherapy to stimulate collagen growth resulting in radiant, younger looking skin with firmer elasticity. This technique is highly effective in treating sagging, aging skin and offers visible results that stand out over other procedures and wrinkle creams. By treating two layers of skin, it improves the skin’s surface texture while advancing the production of skin’s natural collagen, the substance that gives youthful skin its firmness and elasticity. You’ll feel your skin grow thicker, tighter, and smoother because of the dual layer targeting.


The treatment is non-invasive and with no downtime. During the procedure, your provider will use the system to precisely heat the tissue just within your skin’s inner layer (dermis) and the deeper fat layer. The temperature of the skin will be monitored during the procedure to ensure that an optimal temperature is maintained. A typical treatment may take anywhere from 30-45 minutes. Following each treatment, you can immediately resume all routine activities. You may notice a slight redness, which should disappear in few minutes. Generally, three to six treatments will be required for best results. The best results for skin tightening on the face or body are seen with treating at four to six week intervals. For the face, you can immediately resume using your normal skin care products and makeup application.


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Covid-19 Update

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