Unlocking Your Body’s Healing Power: A Look at Cell-Derived Therapy

Our bodies are remarkably resilient, possessing an innate capacity to heal and regenerate after injuries or illness. From repairing minor cuts and scrapes to fighting off infections, our cells are constantly working behind the scenes to maintain our health. However, sometimes chronic conditions, severe injuries, or the natural aging process can overwhelm these self-repair abilities. […]

Summer Skincare Routine: Achieve Healthy and Glowing Skin

Summer Skincare Routine

Are you ready to bask in the warm sunshine and enjoy all the fun activities that summer brings? While summer is undoubtedly an exciting season, it also presents unique challenges for our skin. The scorching sun, increased humidity, and exposure to chlorine and saltwater can take a toll on our skin’s health and appearance. However, […]

Summer Skin Care Secrets: Get Nurtured Skin and Be Sun-Smart

Summer Skin Care

Get ready to sun-smart with the beaming sunshine and indulge in the enjoyable activities that summer offers. Although this season brings happiness and excitement, it also brings certain challenges for our skin. The intense heat, increasing humidity, salty ocean water, and chlorinated pools have adverse impacts on our skin’s health and beauty. But stop worrying! […]

10 Anti-ageing Skincare Tips for the New Year – Vancouver Skin Care Treatments

Many things cause our skin to age, from environmental factors like pollution and sunshine to inefficient skincare habits. At Arion Skin Laser, we are committed to helping you care for your skin with our professional Vancouver skincare treatments and guidance so you can do the best you can, at home. Avoid Damaging Habits If you […]

4 Renewing & Rejuvenating Skin Treatments – Skin Laser Vancouver

Now that the winter is upon us and temperatures are falling below zero, it’s easy for skin to get dry, flaky, and irritated. Even if you have oily skin, this time of year can wreak havoc on your skin’s ability to properly hydrate itself, retain moisture, and have that youthful glow that’s easier to achieve […]

3 Vancouver Skin Treatments To Get You Glowing This Holiday Season

Everyone loves having radiant skin that is dewy and healthy without makeup in a completely natural way and some of our Vancouver skin treatments is the perfect way to do it. It not only boosts your confidence but helps you feel ready to take on the hectic holiday season, knowing you’ll need minimal base foundation. […]

6 Ways to Protect Your Skin from the Sun

It is vital to protect your skin from the sun during the scorching hot summer months. Although the sun can charge us with its positive energy, vitamin D and warm sunbeams, it can be incredibly harmful to our skin over a prolonged period of time. It can cause premature aging, wrinkles, and lines, darken pigmentation […]